The Little Mermaid - Created for Instant Charms


***Update, High Briefs Model Out of Stock*** 

The Low Brief Model as Product Picture Above is Still Available!

***Not available in Stores, or Amazon, or Anywhere*** 

Never hesitate to show off your youth and fashion, just in time for bikini season. With our bathing suit, The Little Mermaid - Created for Instant Charms. you will enjoy our high-quality bathin suit. A Luxurious and Fresh Design for this summer. It will catch everyone's attention at your next pool party, cocktail, or just beach time. 

Product Features: 

  • Great for summer, this stylish bikini is sure to stand out at the beach.
  • Material: polyester and high quality imitation pearls
  • Features: fashion, sexy, mermaid shell design with gradient color attract people's eyes, you will win more compliment.
  • Comfortable and breathable, pearl shoulder strap is adjustable and not easy to allergies, shoulders are not easy to hurt

Size Chart: EUROPE

Size S      Waist 36     Cup   32AB/34AB

             Size M     Waist 38    Cup  32B/34AB/36AB

                      Size L     Waist 40    Cup 34ABC/36ABC/38AB

                        Size XL   Waist 42  Cup  34BC/36BC/38AB



1. Store your bikini flat, as folding them will cause creases.
2. Hand wash your bikini in cold water after contact with chlorine or salt water and dry them flat.
3. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.
4. Do not use chemical detergent to wash.
5. If creases do form, you can iron them inside out, being careful not to place iron directly on to neoprene.

Package includes

1 top & 1 bikini bottom