Tulip Napkin Holder


Table Napkin Holder

 4 Towel Rack The Package 

Simple and pretty.The flowers are made from paper towels. The production method is very simple. The flowers can be used in the restaurant or at home. It is also a very interesting gift.


  • 🍓Jolie: The flowers are very pretty and cute. With paper towels, they look more interesting. At the same time, they like it.
  • 🍓 Simple: The flowers are very simple, everyone can make the flowers.
  • 🍓Portable: The flowers are light and small. You can bring the flowers with you and feel no pressure.
  • 🍓Creative and innovative: The design of flowers is very creative and innovative. The flowers can therefore attract attention.
  • 🍓Practice: the flowers of the paper towels can be used while eating. It's cheap and practical.


  • 🍍 Color: green
  • 🍍 Material: Polypropylene
  • 🍍 Uses: at the restaurant or at home
  • 🍍 Style: pretty and cute

Package Included :

  • 4 * Napkin Holder
  • 8 * Napkin Holder
  • 16 * Napkin Holder