Sling Anti-theft Bag


The Sling Anti-theft Bag  is a compact everyday and travel sling bag made with slash proof materials and thoughtful anti-theft features. It's designed to hold all your travel essentials in a light, sleek, and secure bag.

Backpacks are a great way to carry your stuff. When you have lots of it. But when you only need your essentials, your sling anti-theft bag isn't going to cut it. So instead of bringing the bulk or going without, what you really need is a compact bag designed for modern life.

  • A small form factor that holds your core gear safely and securely. A bag that helps you plan ahead so your phone never runs out of battery. A case that doesn't sweat it when bad weather hits. All of this, while keeping you looking smooth and suave.
  • This means that in normal rain conditions, you should be safe and all your items will stay dry. However, the bag is not intended to protect your valuables when thrown in a pool, body of water or to be in a full rain pour for about an hour.
  • The weight of the sling empty (with the strap) is 400 grams.