Professional Chainsaw Tool Set


👍Our cost effective all in one chainsaw sharpener file kit contains every tool you need to complete the job and achieve that optimum cutting performance regardless of your location at home or in the field. If you have never experienced the performance of a newly sharpened chainsaw, you should, it is incredible.

Product Specification

• Perfect for use on a wide variety of chain types and pitch.
• Angles have been engineered into the file holder to help you keep the correct alignment during use.
• The strong lightweight carrying case makes the kit super portable and easy to store.
• It the perfect accessory for professional craftsman out in the field or for use at home
Package included:
3 x Round Files
1 x Flat File
1 x Hardwood Handle
1 x Depth Gauge Tool
1 x Screw On File Guide
1 x Quick Check Gauge
1 x Bar Groove Cleaner
1 x Carrying Pouch