Portable Car Defogger 12V 150W


Portable Car Defogger 12V 150W

No increasingly iced windshield and heating up your vehicle??

This Portable vehicle warmer is intended to rapidly clear the ice, haze, fog on your vehicle's windshield. It can likewise be utilized as your own radiator and gives you a chance to appreciate hotter driving in chilly winter. Also, it has a virus air setting that gives you a chance to appreciate cooler air during summer  days.

Fundamental Features

  • 2-in-1 capacities, both warming and cooling
  • Simple to introduce: simply plug into 12V vehicle's cigarette attachment, and turn it on
  • Warmth safe hard plastic material, programmed warming with overheating security
  • Offering a powerful fan, which can rapidly warm the air without trusting that your motor will heat up.
  • With 3 gap outlets for more extensive and helpful inclusion
  • Can be fixed on against slip cushion or fixed with twofold sided sticky tape
  • Can be turned 180° with the expectation of complimentary change