New Chicken/Duck Grill Stand Roaster

Perfect baking tool for chicken, duck, turkey, grouse, medium goose, etc. Safe for charcoal grills, gas grills, and ovens.
  • Chicken grills and baking trays are made of unique stainless steel for superior strength and durability
  • The roast chicken dish has a stable triangular bracket
  • The triangle bracket supports the chicken and makes it stand firmly
  • The lower plate will not let the oil fall into the fire, or even bake
  • Easy to store for disassembly and folding, a simple rack for easy removal and easy assembly
  • Grills the chicken in a standing position, allowing the fat to drip and taste better makes it cooks a deliciously crispy chicken
  • The base can hold beer cans or other liquids to flavor the meat and keep it moist, making it easy for chicken to fall off
  • Food grade stainless steel non-stick pan
  • Super easy to clean --- hand wash or dishwasher

Material: Carbon Steel
Weight: 171g
Size: 17cm x 19cm (6.69in x 7.48in)