Magnetic Window Cleaner


Is it too hard or risky to clean your window all things considered? Never chance your life for this task again! This Magnetic Window Cleaner will clean the two sides of your window simultaneously. As you move it around from within, the part attractively joined outwardly surface will move in a similar way. Additionally, its triangular shape will enable you to get all the difficult to-arrive at spots like corners or edges. Watch your windows become unblemished in a matter of seconds!

  • Assurance and Safety - has a twofold sided plan that enables you to clean the glass outside the window without remaining on the window and stay inside. It additionally gives a sheltered harmony line to guarantee attraction and doesn't tumble from the window, protected and solid.
  • Triangle Design - the most steady structure. It can undoubtedly wipe the edges of the glass for your benefit.
  • Proficient Cleaning - firmly attractive, quicker cleaning, progressively productive, and can rapidly clean the glass surface. Get double the outcome with simply a large portion of the exertion.
  • Excellent Materials - made of top notch plastic materials, non-dangerous and innocuous, down to earth, tough, drop-safe, solid, wear-safe, erosion safe, and durable.


    How to Use:

    1. Rotate to open window cleaner
    2. Wet sponge with water and apply cleaning solution
    3. Tie the part used on the outside with safe rope for safety purposes
    4. Place the 2 parts on both sides of your window and start moving the one on the inside to clean, and the outside part should move along.



    Material: ABS Plastic
    Color: Random