Outdoor Misting Cooling System

  • RELAX AND STAY COOL – This patio mister drops the temperature on your deck or patio by up to 20F - more effectively than a fan and without the energy consumption. Install it at 8-10ft all around your seating area to feel cool without getting wet.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE – Quick to assemble and install, this misting system can be keeping you cool the same day it arrives. Attach the nozzles to the hose, hang the line using the clips or clamps and finally connect the hose to your faucet and turn the water on. You’re done – enjoy the cool mist!
  • KEEPS PLANTS REFRESHED – Equally effective as a garden irrigation system, this kit can be used outdoors or in a greenhouse. This water mister makes it a great choice for hothouses or greenhouses as it simulates rain and keeps air humidity high. Used outdoors, it makes a great targeted watering system.
  • FUN FOR THE KIDS – Kids will love staying cool and playing in the water and you’ll love reduced water bills compared to standard sprinklers or hose. Set the system up around a play area or trampoline to keep kids cool or rig it at a lower level so they can run in and out of the spray.