Relieve knee pain INSTANTLY with the help of this ComfortKnee+!

Its resilient compression pad straps snugly around the knee to absorb pain and shock throughout the day. Give your knee professional protection and prevent accidental damage.
Shock-Absorbing Pain Relief -Provides the proper knee support to stabilize the knee and reduce pain

Ergonomic-shape brace boosts overall patella tendon knee performance

Joint injury support –This is specially designed to help you heal and recover fast from any kind of joint or knee injury

Durable, lightweight & breathable material –It is made of premium soft and flexible material to keep you cool and comfortable for everyday wear

Universal custom fit –This adjustable compression supports with the use of Velcro straps to perfectly suit any knee size

Great for people with knee or tendon injuries, recovering from knee damage or for jogging, and exercise  

Achieve your knee’s full-performance without the pain by wearing this ComfortKnee+!! Try this NOW!


Material: Nylon/Rubber/Cotton Fiber

Size: 48 x 5.5 cm

Color: Black/Pink/Light Blue/ Dark Blue

Package Inclusion/s: Choose Your Bundle…

  • Buy 1 Only – 1 pc ComfortKnee+
  • Buy 2 Free 1 – 3 pcs
  • Buy 3 Free 2 – 5 pcs