Beard Therapy Brush

For sensitive to dry skin, coarse to curly hair — stubborn razor bumps don’t discriminate! Beard Therapy Brush design features super fine bristles for gentle razor bumps and ingrown hair treatment.
  • NO ADVERSE IRRITATION TO THE SKIN: Made of high quality. Safe, flexible, non-toxic and odor less, very gentle to your skin.
  • TREATING INGROWN HAIRS AND ELIMINATES RAZOR BUMPS:This brush is designed for both genders for your faces, necks, armpits, legs, or bikini areas. And this brush massage the skin to release the ingrown hairs.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION AND BETTER ENJOY: Wash your face or body area with warm water until expands the pores and soften the hair and skin. Then use your brush to gently massage your skin in small circular motion
  • ECONOMICALLY DESIGNED: It has an ingenious handle which fits between your fingers for increasing the grip force although it wet. You can hold it firmly on your hand and apply the perfect pressure.