Bear Meat Shredder


Bear Meat Shredder

Used to Shred, Pull, and Hold Meat or Poultry. Solid and Sharp Tooth - Solid construction make meat claws more durable than hollow tooth claws, long service life helps you save money. 

Easy to Grip bear claw shaped forks are a great way to shred your favorite meat. Easy to clean - these pulled pork claws are dishwasher safe or easily cleaned by hand with soap and warm water.

  • SHRED LIKE WOLVERINE  The name says it all  Grillaholics. We're addicted to this stuff! We’re not just weekend warriors, we’re daily grill masters, delivering you the MOST durable, HIGHEST professional grade meat claws, with ultra-sharp meat shredder tines, making light work of looking PRO as you masterfully shred your delicious smoked meats. 
  • THE JACK OF ALL TRADES – POWER SHRED ANY HUNK FAST: Drop those dainty little time consuming forks and pick up real warriors tools! Wolverine style bear claws lift, handle, shred, hold and cut meat in half the time. Giant smoking meat hunk? Impale it! Gorgeous smoked pork? Shred it! Delicate garden salad? Toss it! Spaghetti Squash? Annihilate it. You get the point…these pulled pork shredders do it all.
  • SUPREME CLEAN – DISHWASHER SAFE: Doesn’t your meat deserve your best attention? Don’t waste time picking bits from your bbq claw set. Do your guests (and your taste buds) the ultimate favor – get these, shred up, toss ‘em in the dishwasher, and watch as they come out LIKE NEW – no matter how hard you worked your shredding claws that day.