Wireless Tire Inflater


Wireless Tire Inflater

AWireless Tire Inflater is use on tires, toys, sports equipment, bike tires, air mattresses and more It's a great little air pump and excellent for keeping the proper air pressure in your automobile tires. Wireless inflatable, intelligent charging, digital preset, warning lighting.

Tire pressure detection number can be seen: the inflatable nozzle screwed to the tire valve core on the display. Mini fuselage, does not take up space, is a good choice for your car

  • The cordless air compressor built-in large rechargeable battery, max inflatable pressure, which can be used anywhere without external power supply.
  •  Set the required pressure value, the air pump will automatically inflate and shut off when the proper tire pressure is reached, you will accurately control the pressure of the tires and keep safe driving.
  • The rechargeable electric air pump comes with 3 additional nozzle adapters for almost all tires of cars, bikes, motorcycles, balls and other inflatables toys. Portable compact design makes it easy to lift or carry around.