Whirlwind Drones™


Be prepared and get this perfect gift for your kids or grandchildren aged 5-18! Put a huge smile on any boy or girl this holiday season!

Guaranteed to be one of the best gifts they get this year!

Meet Whirlwind Drones™ , the original hands-free auto drone! Just toss Whirlwind Drones™  in the air and watch him hover around the room. Wanna steer him? Put your hand up - Whirlwind Drones™ will sense the obstacle and change directions.

Whirlwind Drones™

Smart and interactive: This Hand sensing Whirlwind Drones™  is sure to deliver more quality time with family and freinds. It is safest handy drone that you can give to your young boys and girls. The perfect present! THey're bac in stock, but not for long!


Bump into a wall? No worries! Scoot has a bendy shell to withstand countless crashes as he finds his way around.

Whirlwind Drones™  Senses His Surroundings
Whirlwind Drones™  zooms and zips without a remote! Launch him in the air and see him use high-tech sensors to detect obstacles for hands-free flying.

Easy to use, just toss

Whirlwind Drones™ in the air and watch him hover around the room. Wanna steer him? Put your hand up - Scoot will sense the obstacle and change directions.

A Great First Flyer
Whirlwind Drones™  is a magical indoor drone for kids aged 5 and up! Whether it’s at a friend’s house or at home, this portable drone is a delight to fly in any indoor space.

INTERACTIVE -Our Whirlwind Drones™ can fly anywhere you want to and avoids obstacles in its way.

FUN AND EASY TO PLAY - You are your own pilot, and you mission is to reach your destination point safety.

VERSATILE - Play indoors or outdoors. It's really up to you!

NO NEED To BUY BATTERIES - Skip the hassle of buying disposable batteries because this toy is entirely rechargeable.

PERFECT GIFT - Your loved ones, kids or adults, will surely love this awesome interactive toy.


FUTURISTIC - Our Whirlwind Drones™ uses the latest infrared sensor technology.

SMART - IT is equipped with inductive suspension and collision protection; with a gyroscope to control accuracy and sensitivity to make it balance. 

ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY and DURABLE - Made with high quality PP materials, this toy is safe and harmless to the human body. 

HAND-CONTROLLED- You can use your hands to control in in the air for interactive action.

RECHARGEABLE - It comes with a USB safe charging that makes it easy and convenient to play anywhere you want.


  • Whirlwind Drones™Auto Drone
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Mini Screwdriver
  • User Manual