Ultra-Durable StoveTop Smokeless Grill

This barbecue grill made carbon steel features excellent high and low temperature resistance, chemical stability, weather resistance, non-flammable performance, non-sticky performance, low friction coefficien and processing for the surface.
  • HEALTHY COOKING : This smokeless indoor grill allows you to enjoy your favorite barbecue at any time regardless of the weather. You can use this grill for barbecue feast as long as your home is equipped with a gas stove
  • NON-STICK COATING : High-quality non-sticky surface ensures easy cleanup
  • SPECIAL COPPER COATING : Special designed copper colour is perfect to design your kitchen room and make you enjoy BBQ even more.
  • DRIP PAN : Water-filled outer ring catches fat and juices during cooking, eliminating smoke and splatter.


Color: Copper
Size: 2.8x30cm/ 1.1x11.8inch
Weight: About 400g

Package included:
1 x Non-Stick Smokeless Stovetop
1 x Gril Plate


1. This grill pan is non-stick coated and made of stainless steel. 
2. Please do not use sharp tools like knife or steel brush to scrape the plate in case of the non-stick coating is scraped off and cause non-stick effect.