Ultimate Mini Copter


Super fun small aircraft, hand pull a plane to take off. This small aircraft will surely activate your child's, when you install its wings and pull the handle, this small plane will be flying high. You can play this in the park, the suburbs, etc. Let children play their imagination freely. Pay attention to the fine movement of children and the exercise of space sensitive period. It is a good bonding for parents and children. It can make your child look for confidence in the game, stimulate the child's correct understanding of new things, and make your child learn.


  • Stable Flight Characteristics
  • Easy to Fly
  • Great for Beginners 


  • Size: The fuselage length is about 8.5 cm/3.35", height about 4 cm/1.57" and the propeller length is about 10 cm/3.94", handle length is 11.5 cm/4.53". 
  • Weight: About 23 g 
  • Material: Plastic 


  • 1 x Mini Copter