Ultimate Crispy Fries Cup


Ultimate Crispy Fries Cupbills itself as the fast, fresh, easy way to make crispy restaurant-quality french fries using the microwave. Its crisping technology requires no grease and you can have hot, delicious fries in minutes that are perfect every time.

Ultimate Crispy Fries Cup slices your potatoes into perfect sizes. It comes with two blades which allows you to choose between steak-size thick or restaurant-thin potatoes. After the potatoes are sliced, you can immediately pop it straight into the microwave, and you will have perfect french fries in a few minutes. The secret is in the brand-new crisping technology called Hot Pod. It circulates and evenly distributes the heat inside the pod, to ensure that the fries are cooked to perfection.

  • Restaurant quality fries at home
  • Works with any size or type of potato
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Crisp fries without messy frying
  • Perfect fries in minutes
  • Slices potatoes into perfectly sized french fries
  • Cooks perfect fries in the microwave

How to Use It

  • Decide what size of french fries you want to have
  • Attach the appropriate blade
  • Load in the potato
  • Push down to slice perfect sized fries
  • Pop Microwavable Crispy Fries Cup straight into the microwave