Ultimate Car Vacuum


Are you tired of a truck floor embedded with crumbs and dirt? Do you avoid looking under your car seats because you’re scared of what you may find there? Do you crave the look of a new car?

Then look no further! Never has it been easier to keep your vehicle clean and spotless than with the Ultimate Car Vacuum.

This powerful, durable, wet/dry car vacuum makes cleaning a cinch, thanks to its host of easy-to-use accessories. No longer do you need to struggle to clean awkward-to-reach areas such as underneath car seats, in corners, and around the A/C outlet…simply use the crevice nozzle and the hose and they’ll be spotless in no time.

Then use the brush and the standard nozzle on your carpets and upholstery to clean any spills or crumbs and in only minutes your car will look as good as new.

Whether because you have small children or pets or you travel a lot with work, it’s easy for car floors to become littered with the day’s dirt. Now you don’t have to worry about your vehicle getting dirty—you can have peace of mind knowing that after a quick once-over with your Ultimate Car Vacuum, your vehicle will look pristine once more.

Thanks to its ultra-lightweight design, this vacuum is easy to carry around and maneuver as your clean. Its superior steel HEPA filter can be easily removed, plus it’s washable and reusable for your convenience.


1. Strong Suction: To address the issues of seed planning and cleaning.
2. Tyre Pressure Testing: This item has its own tire pressure testing table, which can get a handle on the state of Tire Pressure whenever and anyplace.
3. Emergency Inflation: Enjoy a smooth and happy journey.
4. Fast Inflation: Strong motor performance, faster upgrade.
5. LED Lighting Lamp: External LED lighting function, dust removal at night.
6. Efficient filtration: HEPA is a top notch channel material with a lot higher thickness than standard channel. It is a smoke, residue and viable channel medium. This material can likewise be utilized in aviation, medicinal and wellbeing science tests, and so forth.


1.Strong suction, no spot to shroud soil.
2.Using removable HEPA channel gadget, the filtration rate arrives at 99%, and can be dismantled and cleaned.