Trolley Shopping Bag


Trolley Shopping Bag         

            A shopping pack that makes the sack greater and littler by zipper. It is utilized every day for shopping for food, travel shopping, towing or bears are useful, and with two wheels.
            In the grasp of the sea shore, This brings a rich visual blowout and comfort, making each day of life a World Environment Day.
           Simple to convey, the size can be greater and littler
           Wheeled at the base for simple conveying, you can place it in the vehicle, get down to business, purchase nourishment at the general store, practice in the exercise center, have a relaxed excursion, or even go directly to the mid year.


  • This trolley shopping bag makes shopping easier. It has a large capacity, you can put a lot of things
  • The bottom of the wheel can be folded. Retractable, can be slanted, Draggable
  • Large capacity, the maximum load capacity Is 25 Kg. thick Oxford cloth, strong and durable.
  • Foldable, easy to carry, easy to store.
  • Button closure to prevent missing things.