Transfer Paper


The Transfer Paper works on all inkjet printers and the images are long-lasting without peeling off. Want to have your one-and-only t-shirt, cushions or hoodie customised just for you, family members or friends?



• The process is simple, no plate making, direct printing, short process, saves time and saves labor.
• Specially designed for white or light colored cotton or cotton / polyester blend fabric with a realistic effect.
• Ideal personalized t-shirts, canvas bags, woollen clothes, aprons, gift bags, mouse pads, photo quilts, etc.
• Easy to take off with heat (matte treatment) or cooling (smooth treatment).
• Ironing with ordinary iron and heat transfer machine
• Keep the color and wash well, keep the professional standard of textile washing.

Size: 30 * 21.5 cm / 11.81 * 8.46 "
Application: This product is suitable for most color laser printers, T-shirts, aprons, gift bags, mouse pads, quilts, etc.

  • High Quality Paper Sheet: The heat transfer paper is quality-made which is durable and transfer images perfectly and beautifully. 

  • Perfect On Cotton Fabrics: It can be applied on any cotton fabrics items.

  • Customise Your Own: It is free for you to create and print out own images with your creative mind on any apparel like t-shirts, hoodies or cushion at home, etc. 

  • Material: Heat Transfer Paper
  • Size: A4 

  • 1 x Transfer Paper ( 10pcs  )