Toe Shield


You can bid farewell to the toe wrinkle. This shoe shields not just make your shoes look sparkly and splendid yet additionally renovates old tennis shoes; Suitable for an assortment of toe bent available.

No compelling reason to stress that they will move while you are strolling; The structure ensures it can immovably remain adhered to the highest point of the shoe.

Breathable design:
27 venting gaps intended to keep the shoes dry and breathable, abstaining from being sultry and damp; Shoe shields will broaden the life expectancy and improve the presence of your tennis shoes.
1/2 shoe size bigger than real foot size for a superior fit; With helper cutting lines, can be unreservedly cut by the regardless of whether you won't wear it for quite a while, it is prescribed that you place the shoe shield inside the shoe as help security. 
PE material to guarantee a solid hardness, which makes the shoe shield low-temperature-safe, strong and launderable