The Roasting Mat


Are you sick and tired of always having to flip your oven-baked food items one by one to ensure that they are cooked evenly? Tired of wasting parchment paper when you bake? Frustrated by cookies that stick to the pan? This roasting mat; therefore,  needs to be considered.

  • Designed for use atop a pan for indirect cooking or baking
  • Helps drain the fat to make the food healthier and even crispier
  • like bumpy ridges enable more even heat flow and browning without having to turn
  • Cleans up easily in hot soapy water by hand wash or in dishwasher
  • Folds and rolls up for easy storage
  • Can be cut down to fit different sized baking sheets

Material: Food-grade Silicone
Heat Resistant: up to 230 °C
Size: 41cm x 29cm x 1cm (16.14in x 11.42in x 0.39in)