The NanoProjector


Take your screen anywhere! Ideal for home theatre, movies at home or even on an outdoor camping trip. It's easy to carry around and will transform every movie in a cinema experience. The portable NanoProjector  can even be powered from just a power bank! 

  • Innovative Design: Perfect combination of fashion and art
  • Advance Cooling System: Advanced hydraulic axial fan, good heat dissipation
  • You can use your phone to project movies on screens
  • Without the annoying problems like video jitters, color problems or lamp replacements that older projectors have
  • Built-in projector speakers, no need to connect with additional speakers
  • Can support DVD, Xbox, PS4, cell phone, etc.
  • It works for just about anything

Projected Dimension: 61cm -  152cm (24in - 60in)
Screen Scale: 4:3 / 16:9
Light Source: LED Light
Brightness: 50 Lumens
Bulb Power: 10W - 24W
Projection Technology: LCD
Contrast Ratio: 350:1
Optical Resolution: 320 x 240
Power: 24W (12V,2A)
Weight: 0.56kg
Zoom: Focus
Lens: Manual Focus
Projection Distance: 0.8-2M
Input: HDMI + USB+ AV input+ SD
Resolution: 320x240 , Support 1920x1080P
Product Size: 13cm x 8.5cm x 4.5cm (5.12in x 3.35in x 1.77in)

1 x The NanoProjector 
1 x Remote Control 
1 x Power Cable 
1 x AV Cable 
1 x User manual