TableTop Bullseye Curling Game-Compact


Sweating for some curling game action? Well, have yourself this Tabletop BullsEye Game™. Its sleek finish perfectly simulates the surface of the ice – feels real! It can accommodate 2-8 players at once. The best game for any occasion! 


GREAT ENTERTAINMENT – Our Indoor Curling game is more fun than it looks like. 
FUN PARTY GAME – People of all ages will find excitement playing this challenging and fair tabletop game.
INTERACTIVE – It is a combination of strategy, skills, and little luck that attracts players to play this game over and over again.
CONVENIENT – It is made with lightweight materials that make it easy to roll up and store.


THE GAME FOR ALL –There are tons of interactive games that kids, teens, and adults can enjoy with this Indoor Curling game. 
FAST AND EASY TO SET UP –It is like a real simulation of the Olympic curling game, but made more convenient.
SUPER COMPACT –It is a nice travel game for kids and adults. It does not take too much space on your baggage or car, so it’s definitely the perfect travel fun game!
PERFECT GAME – Perfect for entertaining and is the best ice breaker for any family gathering.


Simulation of Olympic Curling Sport
Made with Flexible Vinyl/Plastic Materials
Produces Ice-like Effect
Compact and Durable


1x Storage box 
1x Tabletop sheet
2x Magnetic borders
4x Blue stones
4x Yellow stones 
1x User manual