Sonic Toothbrush

Sonic Toothbrush
 In addition to partially removing the residue to keep the teeth clean, the dental polisher can also help whiten teeth and gums. The vibration of the gums can help keep blood circulation in your mouth to white and healthy teeth.
  • The LED brightly illuminates the entire mouth, allowing you to accurately clean your teeth.
  •  Electric tooth cleaner is a simple and effective way to clean teeth.
  •  This dental polishing machine is designed for home use. In order to protect the gums and teeth, the vibration is not as strong as the dentist's tools, so please wait patiently and clean your teeth. Long-term use can achieve the desired results.
  • Small size, portable oral irrigator. Suitable for travel, on the go or at home, in an office or hotel.
1. Designed for periodontitis and braces.
2. Wireless electric tooth cleaner can easily wash tooth stains, dirt, plaque and bacteria.
3. Enjoy healthier gums and lighter teeth in less than a minute, which is essential for good oral hygiene and dental care.
4. The vibration of the electric scaler helps to regulate blood circulation around the mouth and keep the teeth white.
5. Acoustic cleaning tool with a grinding head, up to 30,000 times per minute, effectively removes residue or food residue from the teeth. Avoid plaque that is often used every day.