Soft Soles Retro Women's Shoes


Soft Soles Retro Women's Shoes

Developed by professional chiropodists and orthopedists, the shoe corrects posture and eliminates muscular dysfunction by moving angled toes back to their original position to realign skeletal positioning.


  • Super flexible: We never felt the need to fold our shoes in half, but the flexible composition helps to distribute body weight evenly.
  • Posture correction : Stretch your hips, correct your knees and muscle imbalance by adjusting the structure of your feet.
  • Reduce pain: Eliminate the pain caused by flat feet, poor posture, and plantar fasciitis.
  • Even pressure distribution: Our three-leg design ensures that your weight is evenly distributed over toes, arch and balls of the foot.


Please note that there might be a size error of 1-3mm due to manual measurement. If you have a narrow and thin feet, please choose a one size smaller than the normal size. Likewise, if you have a fat and wide feet, please choose a one size bigger than the usual size.

Upper/ Lining Material :  Genuine Leather
Material Lining :  Genuine Leather
Sole Material: Thermoplastic Rubber

1 x Soft Soles Retro Women's Shoes