Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Extremely accurate results. Works right out of the box. Our test kit follows strict CE and international standards to ensure accurate, safe and right measurement standards. You will have a reliable reading every time.
  • QUICK AND STRICT: Only 2-5 minutes to get blood pressure results, reducing delay and waiting time. Great tool for home testing, suitable especially for busy people. 4 inches big data screen display, show your results in a clear definite way, easy to understand.
  • EASY TO USE: Simple and easy to use with 3 working buttons. Switch button, M memory button and S function setting key. Easy one-touch operation, simple and accurate. Contoured cuff design wraps the arm for a more comfortable measurement. Fits standard and large adult arm circumferences from 9 to 14 inches.
  • FOR EVERYONE & POWER SAVING: Suitable for almost all people, it can test blood pressure levels on teenagers, elderly, adults. Created with 1 minutes automatic shutdown power saving design for a safe use and energy saving.
  • Saves 120 Readings: You can store 2 users' 120 most recent blood pressure readings for later viewing, so that multiple users can store weeks of blood pressure measurements on one device
How to use it?
Keep Relaxed before measuring, sit down quietly for a moment.
Palms up, put the wrist band parallel to the heart.
Palms up, keep the intake pipe and the arteries paralleled.
Wrap the wrist band around your arm tightly in the opposite direction, paste together.
Place one finger into it is the most appropriate.
Keep the wrist band paralleedd to the heart, palms up.
Press the on/off button, keep relaxed and start measuring.
High pressure, low pressure, pluse instantly display after 40 seconds.