Slip-On Window Shades



 Effectively blocks hot sun and heat. Over time, the UV rays may cause damage to your car’s electronics, leather and seats. Sunshades are designed to keep your vehicle’s interior cool and comfortable.

  • A easy to use and store. Car Sun Shade has been designed for hassle-free use. There's no wrestling with these sunshades. Shade is quick and easy to install and uninstall, and because it's 2 piece support structure connected in the center with a fabric piece you can layer them over one another to fold away, and all whilst sitting comfortably in your car seat.


  • Don't let the hot sun damage your car suv minivan trucks dashboard electronics accessories or your mood. The superior double shade design offers maximum coverage and UV and sun protection keeping you and your loved ones’ cooler and happier when you step back into your car . Shade also helps shading cars steering wheel cooler to touch.


  • Because  sunshades deliver such great fitting sunshades, you will immediately see a striking difference in appearance. It’s just a nice little bonus to have sunshades that look right as well as fit right. If something fits right it looks and performs right.


Model Number: GS-0004
Material: mesh
Brand Name: MNVUS