Slip-on Snow Grip


Move safely without worrying about slipping or falling! The Slip-on Snow Gripis a perfect solution for your winter worries, and solve the problem of "how to stay on your feet on ice and snow.

  • The grip of shoes have ground grip steel studs that can offer excellent traction on ice and snow to help you avoid tumbling on the flat and thin ice or snow ground
  • Easy enough to put on your shoes when you need them, and to take off when you reach a safe walking surface
  • Easy to Wear and Clean
  • Fits All Kinds of Sport Shoes, Climbing Boots, Double Boots
  • Suitable for Camping, Hiking, and Outdoor Sports
  • Reduces the Risk of Falls and Injuries
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durable, Comfortable and Safe to Wear
  •  Made of Thermoplastic Elastomer with excellent elastic and high density manganese steel for maximum durability
  • Reduce the risk of slipping and falling injuries when walking on ice, snow, mud, wet grass or other poor conditions
  • Increase the productivity and enjoyment of a day outdoors in the winter. (Camping hiking fishing hunting etc.)

STEP 1: Place the shoe grip under your boot.
STEP 2: Use the shoe grip’s flexible hook and fastening to put on, and take off.
STEP 3: After using, wipe clean with a dry cloth.
STEP 4: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Material: Eco-friendly 100% silicone
Size: Fit for women and men 6-12