Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Socks


Prevent legs from swelling! Let our Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Socks  relieve leg fatigue, regulate the nervous system, and  produce a static foot massage  to regulate the blood flow.

  • Made of high quality polyester cotton with the characteristics of soft and comfortable, has a long service life
  • The bottom of the socks has a Tourmaline design that can self-heat to warm and relax your feet in cold weather
  • Tourmaline socks relieve leg fatigue, pain, regulate the nervous system, self-heat, eliminate moisture and stop odors. regulate blood flow
  • The perfect tool for the legs with varicose veins, as well as in kidney failure
  • Good therapy for ankles and feet during frostbite
  • To stimulate acupuncture points. Daily use at any time of the day. Wash in running hot water without detergents
  • Ideal for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hockey and other sport activities

Material: Tourmaline, Polyester Cotton

1 x Pair of Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Socks