Angel’s Secret Honey Bra Wash


Are you tired of looking for your Bras and Delicates ruined in the wash? 

Our SecretAngel Bra Wash bags can be used in both washing machine and tumble dryer. 

Product Description
• Protect your delicates from snagging, tangling and tearing while machine washing and drying.
• Durable, flexible, and strong frame protects your bras from becoming deformed while allowing your bras to be thoroughly cleaned.
• The frame protects the cups, underwire, straps and bands while maintaining the shape of your bra.
• Extra volume, great for all sizes of bras.
• Made of soft micro-mesh polyester material, totally safe and great for delicates, lingerie, bra, and underwear.
• Zipper closure protects your clothes from falling out while washing and drying.
• Double-lined mesh bags protect your garments from tangling, snagging, pulling and minimize the chance of colours blending into each other.