Ultimate Electric ToothBrush


For a superior brushing experience, and protects the dental health clean!

Ultimate Electric ToothBrushh has been carefully designed to improve the dental health for most of the people, providing ultimate cleaning and whitening effects to your teeth. As a result, a deep and thorough clean that you will see and feel.

Powerful 4 Modes:

White: Remove those hard-to-remove stains. Use this mode for ultimate cleaning and whitening

Clean: Ultimate excellence every cleaning mode

Polish: With short back and forth vibration, help to remove stains and shine your teeth

Massage: Gentle on your gums, suitable for individuals with sensitive gums

Product description

  • Sonic vibrating 40000 strokes per Minute, remove the plaques and stains effectively
  • 4 brushing modes of white, clean, polish and massage to meet different oral care needs
  • 2 Minutes smartimer with 30 seconds interval to encourage dentist-recommended brushing habits. means that auto turns off after 2-Minute brushing, and a short pause every 30 seconds reminds you to move on to a different part of the mouth
  • USB interface charging, easy and convenient for use at home or traveling
  • Very resilient, soft and comfortable with Dupont bristles that polished for abrasion-resistant cleaning.