Santa Car Wiper Decal


This charming Santa Clause and other Christmas figures will put a grin all over. Christmas spirit makes us happy and this is what we want you to feel too. Grab this one for your wiper and you will give a smile in the middle of the street.

General size fits any lower mounted back wiper. Both the Wiper Tag arm and window decals are separable and UV ensured against blurring.

Installation method of small car sticker (dry sticker method):
1. Clean the body and keep it dry. 
2. Distinguish the area that should be posted. As a rule, stick it gradually, scratch it level with instruments and reveal the base paper simultaneously. 
3. On the off chance that the illustrations are tiny, you can remove every one of the stickers and glue them once more, however be mindful so as not to inadvertently cling to them. 
4. Subsequent to gluing, scratch and press over and again. Evacuate the straightforward exchange film. 
5. Scratch a blade with an aesthetic blade on the entryway and sewing and spread it internal. 
6. Try not to allow any detachment or projection between the sticker and the body.

Non-drying glue
Size:  20*24.6 cm, arm 20*3 cm