Rubik's Race Magic Block Game


Can't decide who's better at Puzzle Games?


Time to settle the score once and for all with the Rubik's Race, the game that keeps your heart pumping and your fingers racing! Hours of Fun is almost certainly GUARANTEED!


Go one-on-one in a showdown to see who’s got the quickest hands and sharpest puzzle solving skills as you try to match the 9 colored square pattern first. 

Shake it – Slide it – Solve it! Rubik’s Race from University Games stimulates your brain as a puzzle-solving competitive challenge


Be the first player to have the colors matched and you’re the winner – all while experiencing an intellectual sense of accomplishment.


workout for your mind, play over and over again and feel great when you’re done


Improve your logical thinking and strategizing skills to help you solve challenges in your day-to-day life


Avoid the cheap, quick dopamine fixes that come with video games or other luck based board games, Rubik’s Race offers healthy, long-lasting fun as you enjoy your puzzle solving accomplishments


*For 2 players, ages 3 and up
*Some assembly required