Retro Smartphone TV Display


Retro Smartphone TV Display, the transmission speed is faster, the signal is more stable, and the power consumption is lower. Sound quality clear, give you the scene of stereo experience.

It's small and doesn't take up space. It can be a BT speaker, a phone stand, or a digital photo frame on your desktop when not in use. Suitable for watching movies, watching TV dramas, watching competitions, listening to music and other occasions.

1. It's not just a Bluetooth speaker, but also a mobile phone holder, which can be used as a digital photo frame when inactive. 
2. It is mini and compact, so it does not occupy space. 
3. Retro TV style to evoke memories of your childhood. 
4. Powerful Bluetooth chip provides faster transmission speed, more stable signal and lower power consumption. 
5. The sound quality is clear, as is the live 3D stereo sound experience.