PowerCamo™ ToolVest


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This  PowerCamo™ ToolVest  is a multi functional vest that is suitable for four season, dress it with a t shirts or sweater inside to form your style, it is a must for your outdoor activities in this summer days; perfect for fishing, climbing, cycling, hunting, or as a photographer vest, tactical vest. The Stylish Camouflage PowerCamo™ ToolVest accompany with all your journey.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL POCKETS: with roomy pockets great for you to carry all your essentials, like phone, keys, wallet, camera, or work supplies tools; with a zipper closure in pocket, the staff inside won't fell out.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT DURABLE: lightweight of it is quite good for your outdoor sports or activities, you won't feel heavy when wear it; it is pretty durable and is very comfortable as well. It is a wonderful inVESTment.
  • Cool Python Bionic Camouflage color, special for hunting, paintball and photography etc
  • Hardwearing Multi-Pocket Utility Waistcoat, bright orange color lining for life saving at outdoor.
  • Adjustable zipper design on both side of vest fits for different body types and sizes.
  • Many function pockets, elastic belt inside of pocket for holding magazine etc, chest pocket has bullet holder.

Many function pockets: 

Two front side zipper pockets, elastic belt inside of pocket for holding magazine etc. And two under hidden side pockets for your hand. 

One chest pocket, double layer. and it has bullet holder for 5 pcs shotgun bullets. 

✅ Two Back zipper side pockets for accessories, you can take them easily. 

One Back bigger zipper pocket for water bladder, there are an open on top of back for bladder pipe to through your back and shoulder to your mouth. 
Drawstring waistband and collar 

Package includes: 1 x PowerCamo™ ToolVest