Pocket-size Folding Waterproof Camping Mat

  • GONE ARE THE DAYS OF HAVING TO LUG AROUND YOUR HEAVY OVERSIZED BLANKET AGAIN Finally, experience the outdoors with true comfort on a large blanket while still being able to pack it away into a lightweight palm sized package. Simply pull out the extra large blanket from the included pouch and layout in true comfort. When ready to put away, easily fold it anyway to pack it back in. 
  • USE IT ANYWHERE. PERFECT FOR SO MANY ACTIVITIES & EXTREMELY VERSATILE Designed to be 50% larger than our competitors, blanket is the best gear for solo individuals, men, women, kids, and families. Comes in 2 colors. It's Great for various uses: Picnics, Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Beaches, Rain Cover, Table Cloth, Outdoor Concerts, RV accessory, Festivals, Walks with the Dog, Sports Games, Yoga, and Indoor Activities.
  • DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND HEAVY WEAR AND TEAR, FIELD TESTED IN THE HARSHEST ENVIRONMENTS Made with premium quality Nylon Polyester Fabric to ensure that pocket blankets are made to be very comfy when seated on top of rocks, sticks, and damp grass. The fabric material is coated on one side to be water repellent, Sand and Dirt Proof, while still remaining soft.