Pocket Sleeping Bag


If you are not sure about the duration of your next trip, you should pack this bag just in case. No matter what situation you are --- whether camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, climbing or just a drive, always be prepared with our little helper --- the Pocket Sleeping-Bag! A must-have to all outdoor lovers!

  • Constructed of 26um extra-thick,  lightweight, easy to carry and warms your entire body
  • Suitable for sleeping outside or even in your car
  • Both shell and lining are made of high-quality PE
  • Shaped like an envelope and anyone can easily fit inside
  • 90% of the heat your body emits will come right back to you and keep you warm during the night, even if you are sleeping under the open sky
  • Extremely durable, tear-resistant, weather-resistant and waterproof making it reusable
  • Versatile used as an emergency survival blanket, poncho, emergency shelter and more
  • Made from a durable reflective polyester film that can raise your body temperature to 20 degrees in cold and harsh weather conditions

Material: Mylar
Spread Size - Orange: 210cm x 90cm (82.68in x 35.43in)
Spread Size - Camouflage: 200cm x 120cm (78.74in x 47.24in)
Spread Size - Green: 200cm x 120cm (78.74in x 47.24in)

1 x Pocket Sleeping Bag