Pocket Crepe Maker


Cook to Inspire

Pocket Crepe Maker is designed to inspire creativity and broaden the culinary experience of at-home chefs everywhere. We bring unique but familiar classics to your kitchen, with a goal of awakening new ideas and enriching the cooking process.



Perfect Paper Thin Crepes & Blintzes in Minutes

Delicate crepes and blintzes are made quickly and easily on this 7.5" non-stick crepe maker and griddle.

Spreader and Dipping Plate Included

Dip your crepe maker into the dipping plate and use the included spreader to make perfect crepes-- quickly and easily!

Easy to Use- From Start to Finish

Features a ready light to indicate when the surface is hot enough to begin cooking, and its electric base has a cord wrap for neat and easy storage. Best of all, it's non-stick surface is easy to clean.

Power (W) : 600-1000 W
Voltage (V) : 220V
Plate Material : Aluminum Die-box