Pet Reusable Static Brush


Our Pet Reusable Static Brush Solve Big Pet Peeves

The Pet Reusable Static Brush for Clothing takes the work out of cleaning up after your furry friend. Micro-bristles grab and hold fur, hair and lint with each smooth motion, while easy-view arrows show which direction to swipe. Want to swipe in the other direction? Just flip the Brush over. The handle features a comfortable, non-slip grip, perfect for de-furring pants, shirts, jackets and more. When the Brush is ready to be cleaned, insert it into the base and pull it out – no refills required. Remove the cap on the base to clear out trapped fur, hair and lint. 


Swipe the FurLifter across clothing in the direction of the bold, on-handle arrow. The micro-bristles grab and hold stray fur, hair and lint.


When the Brush is covered with hair, dip it into the convenient base. Microfibers inside the base clear the Brush, trapping fur inside. The Brush will emerge clean and ready for reuse.


When the base is full, simply remove the cap and dispose of the debris. The unique design keeps your hands fur-free from start to finish.