Waterproof Paper Towels Storage Rack


Say goodbye to lack of paper towels!  With the transparent Waterproof Paper Towels Storage  Rack 's window, you can clearly see the quantity of paper towels at a glance.

  • Design of the fully sealed seamless moisture-proof and moisture-proof waist cover, innovative to achieve a 360-degree seal, the direct water is not afraid, say goodbye to the rain.
  • Built-in drawer style design, garbage bags to pick up, no need to look elsewhere, easy to replace.
  • Storage of privacy of semi-transparent black cover, intimate design can put a variety of small items, free to belong to your little secret.
  • Superior storage, mobile phones, keys, aromatherapy and other small items to put.
  • Depending on the exit port of the paper, it is easy to cut the paper towel and tear the paper more gently.
  • Without punching facility, configuration without trace base, one click to press to complete the installation.

Material: ABS / PP
Size: 28cm x 12.5cm x 12cm (11.02in x 4.92in x 4.72in)

1 x Waterproof Paper Towels Storage  Rack