Oxygen Boosting High Electroplate Power Massage Shower Head

Just press on! ! No plumbers required!  Installs in minutes!   The best for making you bathe in a healthy experience.
  • The shower head is completely welded and without screws, the ball joint allows the shower head, injector 25 cm, high gloss, mirror effect shower head to arachnids
  • LUV technology increases the pressure by up to 300% and offers numerous powerful shower heads even for low water pressure for easy cleaning
  • Gloss: Stainless steel black mirror effect makes this rain really catch your bathroom,You smoother skin, increase vitality, and enjoy a high-pressure piping shower with a negative water pressure in the shower in the bathroom
  • Relieve stress: use a variety of nozzles to ensure that yourself and convenient distribution of water jets on the overhead shower - making you bathe in a healthy experience

Product description

Type: Fixed Rotatable Type
Shower Head Feature: Water Saving Shower Heads
Surface Finishing: Chrome
Style: Single Head