Night Rider Helmet LED


The turn signal light is attached to a motorcycle helmet for warning effect which is quite obvious especially in foggy, rainy, or snowy weather, or at night or in dark environment, thereby effectively preventing rear-end collisions and ensuring driver's safety.


  • This product is universal for all kinds of motorcycles in the market.
  • With waterproof design, the product can not be easily corroded.
  • Motorcycle Modified Helmet DIY
  • Stand out on the road, more safer on the road.
  • Low power consumption so they won't run out of charge.
  • Double-sided adhesive, easy to clean after peeling off.3 Modes: Always On, Flash, can be switched via the controller.

Product Type: Motorcycle Helmet DIY Light Up Stripe Sticker
Color: Blue,Yellow,Red,Purple,Ice Blue,White
Power Supply: 2 * AA Battery(Not Included)
Service Life: 5000 hours

2 pcs Flashing Tape Bar 
Extension 1 pc x 1 meter 
1 pc x battery box 
1 pc x one to two lines
1 pc x film