NatureP™️ - Mini-Sleeping Bag

NatureP™️- The Sleeping Bag That Will Never Leave You Shaking In The Night
Sleeping bags are great both indoor and outdoor activities and but can be a hassle of getting comfortable on the rock-solid floor., Luckily for you we've created a better and more comfortable way for you to sleep when you're outdoors. Introducing NatureP™️- The perfect sleeping bag for any outdoor event this season.
Made with super soft padded microfibers in the stitching itself. built for maximum comfort in any situation and giving you a good nights sleep without the aches and pains of sleeping on the cold bitter floor.
Waterproof design embedded with thick filament fiber that prevents moisture ingress and keeps you warm all night long without getting soaked. Keeping you warm and dry all throughout the night.
Super compact and folds up so that it can easily fit into your bag. Making it super convenient, easy to organize and even use anywhere else other than just camping. You can also use them for outdoor sporting events, festivals, and even at home just in case you have company over.
It's not just our amazing products that have kept us in business for as long as we have. It's our never-ending dedication to making sure you have the best experience with us. Get yours today so you can sleep better with nature this season.
Water resistant - Treated with an invisible water repellant layer that repels water droplets. Ensuring that you remain dry in damp weather.
Ultra Thin & Lightweight - This design makes it perfect for you to put together and pull apart your sleeping in nearly seconds!!
Super Soft & Comfortable- Built so you can have the best sleep in even some of the strangest venues. From outdoor festivals to even sleepovers we got you covered