Multi-Panel Solar Power Bank


Solar energy into free power, providing enough power to charge two devices simultaneously. Its portable and foldable design makes it perfect for long treks.

The Perfect Companion for Adventures

- Lightweight, easy to carry. When folded, it has the same size and thickness as a magazine.

- Designed specifically for all those people wit passion for trekking, camping, hiking, picnics, fishing, boat, etc.

- Compatible with most of USB rechargeable devices(5V/2.4A Max), with only sun energy. 100% Green Power and 21.5-23.5% Solar Efficiency.

- the package includes hooks, allowing you to hook your solar panel everywhere (trees, backpacks, curtains, etc.)

-Every time he loses contact with sunlight for a short period of time (dense forest, clouds, temporal passenger) will stop charging until he comes back into contact with the sun rays, without damaging your connected device.


Solar charger for Smartphones and other devices
Size: 153x75x25mm, expand 520mm.
Color: black
Charger: solar panel 4/5 folding is 8W, 5 folding 10W.
Input voltage: 5V/2A.
Output current: 5V/2A.
Package Included
charger, hook, compass, box.