ProMeasure™️ Multi-Functional Slope Measuring Instrument

  • ProMeasure™️ - The Tool That Measures And Reads Every Corner And Angle Accurately And To Perfection.
    Throw away that flimsy old ruler and start measuring like a pro using Measure Pro™️- The most accurate reading protractor on the market that will get every angle and measurement pinpoint and precise to the T.
    Easy to use system that makes it simple for any beginner to start using as soon as today. Simply place it to the surface, twist the knob and it does the rest. Giving you accurate readings with fewer do-overs.
    Made with a magnetic bottom base that can stick to any metal surface. Which means you can make measurements and you can ensure it stays in place for as long as you need it to. 
    You can use it for outdoor projects, indoor remodeling, measurements on wood, metal and even steel. Making it perfect for any DIY projects you may have.
    It's not just our amazing products that keep our repeat customers coming back buying again and again. it's our attention to detail and relentless effort to customer satisfaction to ensure you have the best experience with us for now and forever. Get yours today so you can measure like a pro.
    Easy To Use- Easy to set up and simple to follow measurement reading system that makes it beginner friendly without all the complicated steps to follow.
    Accurate- Gets down to the exact number without having to round up. Which means you get the correct and accurate measurements on the first try every time.
    Magnetic- Stays in place so that you can read every angle exact without readjusting it. Saving you time and fewer do-overs.