Mommy-Kangaroo Hoodie

Keep yourself and your baby warm with this fashionable, soft and cozy hoodie! This stylish unique design multi-function hoodie with pockets can be worn with or without a baby! It looks like a regular hoodie; however, the zippers on both sides will make the hoodie comfortable. The detachable middle section allows you to widen the hoodie so that it can fit a baby as a carrier as well.

  • Got a specially designed big pocket for the little angel
  • Designed for carrying a baby on your front keeping them warm and cozy when it is cold outside
  • Made of high quality thick polar fleece fabric, super soft, and super warm to protect moms and baby from wind and cold
  • Has 2 inserts (panels) for the hoodie, one is for normal hoodie, and the other one is for baby carrier hoodie

Material: Cotton, Polyester
Age of Baby: 6-12 months
Size: M, L, XL, XXL

1 x Mommy-Kangaroo Hoodie