Misty Gym Bottle


With the spray design, it will make you cool in a gentle way when you train, bike or hike. Just press the button, it will spray, it looks a lot cool. Heat resistant and convenient to carry. Waterproof design, simple but trendy. And it is also suitable for hiking, camping and cycling

  • Food-grade safety material is safe and hygienic, food-grade PC material health material selection food-grade PC shell, high transparency, resistance to falling, no fear of bumping during the movement, run boldly!
  • Press-type spray handle, easy to press, rapid spray, long spray distance, large area. With a single push, you can spray a refreshing spray to keep your skin moist and let you shine.
  • Small flow outlet, slow flow of small water to reduce the burden on the stomach, suction and heart caused by rapid drinking after exercise.
  •  Leakproof silicone pad, inner thread thread corrugated coil of the cup cover, adopting food grade silicone leakproof pad design, lock water and leakproof. Portable handle, user-friendly design, easy to travel or carry
  •  Scale design, cup body scale design, instantly grasp the amount of water