Magneto-Floating Globe Lamp


Do you need a light that alleviates pressure, makes you progressively quiet and looks very extravagant? Impeccable on the grounds that we have the ideal answer for you!

It makes the globe skim noticeable all around. This is perhaps the coolest innovation made and that is actually why we needed to impart it to you. We will guarantee that your loved ones will think this is truly cool and that is the reason for winning the honor as the coolest present for a long time in succession.


  •  It is worked by an electronically controlled attractive framework.
  • This cutting edge contraption additionally accompanies a LED light element that makes it look extremely cool when turned on in obscurity.
  • Drifting Globe additionally is a marvelous cutting edge device that individuals of any age will appreciate.
  •  Simple to introduce, the globe can get gliding effectively.
  •  Made of good quality material, strong to utilize.
  •  A decent work area embellishment and a decent advancement blessing.   
Material: Plastic                                                                 
Globe diameter: 10.7mm (4.21in)
Plug: US Plug
Switching power supply: AC, 12V, 1000m
Color: Dark Blue, Silver & Black, Gold Yellow