Magnetic Blocks - Designed to Boost Creativity


It’s never too early to start building your kids’ creativity! 

Magnetic Building Blocks help to boost brain development through relaxing and educational creative play and exploration. With premium-quality and durable material and smart magnetic design, the construction and creation possibilities are endless.

Build houses, castles, cars and more with these Magnetic Building Blocks! Strong enough to keep your creations intact, but easy enough to take apart, these plastic building blocks will be a welcome addition to your classroom supplies! Children will learn all about geometrical shapes, colour recognition and more!


Preschoolers and kindergarten kids have more developed hand and finger control and are able to engage in arts and crafts. Some can even use specially-designed safety scissors. At this age, their creativity starts to reveal itself in the things that they build. They also are learning to count. Since their brains are still developing and their attention span is still not very long, the Magnetic Building Blocks has highly interesting shapes and attractive colours. The set comes with unique pieces that will extend the variability of the building, which is also a bonus. Since preschoolers and kindergarten kids can also start to follow instructions, a manual with building ideas will also extend their thinking.

Toddler play is characterized by the need to explore the toy using the mouth and fingers. Choking on small pieces is a risk but toddlers also still lack the ability to control objects with their hands. Because of this, the Magnetic Building Blocks are not too small, too heavy or too big.


The magnets are strong enough to hold a structure together but yet not so strong that preschoolers and kindergarten kids would find it hard to pull these pieces apart. As preschoolers and kindergarten kids can still be slightly clumsy with toys, the Magnetic Building Blocks have durable pieces. It is also designed to reduce injuries such as rounded ends. Although they are less likely to do so, preschoolers may still be constantly placing objects in their mouth and the exterior coating of the pieces need to be safe. Again, the Magnetic Building Blocks are not too small, too heavy or too big and the exterior coating is very safe.

  • Teach children problem-solving skills, shapes and colors.
  • A great creative toy that lets child engage with their imagination.
  • Made of heavy-duty, non-toxic plastic that is free of sharp edges.
  • Easy cleanup and storage.