Magic Melon Slicer


We’ve all been there. That dreadful moment when you’re the one that has to cut up the watermelon so everyone can enjoy America’s most refreshing snack. You’ll notice that as soon as you grab the Magic Melon Slicer in your hand all of those FRUSTRATING feelings simply go away and slicing not only becomes a BREEZE, but a whole lot of FUN!

✅QUICK and EASY TO USE, Watermelon slicer tongs combines the function of a knife with the ease of tongs, Wire blade easily cuts melon into perfect even slices then flips to use as serving tongs, Ergonomic rubber handle prevents slipping and provides sure grip
✅SAFE and EASY TO CLEAN, Our watermelon slicer and server cleans up easily and is dishwasher safe, Rounded edges reduces risk of cuts, Extracting the slices directly from the melon bowl means no messy juices to wipe up just toss the rind and you are done
✅HIGH QUALITY and RELIABLE, Watermelon cutter slicer is made of heat-treated 18/8 stainless steel, that is non-magnetic corrosion resistant and guaranteed not to rust, Won’t bend or break from repeated use
✅MULTI-FUNCTIONAL and ADJUSTABLE, Watermelon cutter slicer quickly slices cubes grabs and serves melon slices, Adjust slice thickness by changing amount of pressure applied when slicing